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DV (Described Video)

Provides a narrative description of the key visual elements in television programs and other visual media to make them more accessible to the vision impaired.


Provides both standard description as well as DNA (TM) Dual Narration formats in English and French for television, films and documentaries.

DNA (Dual Narration Added)

Is a method of description whereby dual narration is added in the form of male and female narrators. This allows for a more dynamic and entertaining delivery of description. DNA was initially conceived during the process of choosing male vs female narrators for particular projects. At times it was difficult to determine which would better suit the piece, thus the idea of using both was born. Adding a dual narrative track lends itself to a more dramatic and varied performance for the listener. After hearing DNA layered into a film we knew there would be countless applications where this format could be showcased.

A DV writer composes a described script of the visual elements/actions occurring onscreen. ie: an actor's unheard body language/reactions, unspoken acting, scene changes and other key visual plot developments and revelations which are not exposed through the soundtrack (text onscreen for example) and 'places' it within the natural pauses in the dialogue. Effective placement of the description never competes or 'steps on' the program dialogue or sound effects-nor should description ever mislead a vision impaired viewer-listener, by way of potentially inaccurate subjective interpretation on the DV writer's part. We ask the question. 'Would an observant sighted person agree with this interpretation?', and allow that simple premise to determine accuracy.

Every effort is made as well, to 'synchronize'  the description with the action as it occurs onscreen: in this way a mixed audience of the sighted and vision-impaired both receive information simultaneously, allowing for a non-intrusive narration.

A DV narrator then records the described script under the direction of a trained DV producer. A full mix is produced whereby the narrated description is woven into the main program audio at appropriate broadcast levels; it is then accessible through most TV's on the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) audio setting.

Melissa Ungar-Narrator

As co-owner and voice artist for JDescribe, Melissa is thrilled to be working in such an incredibly unique and crucial area of narration.
Her experience as a dv narrator includes hundreds of films, television shows and promos in both adult and childrens/animation genres. She is a commercial voice artist as well as audiobook narrator and singer.

Melissa's passion for just about everything behind the microphone began at a very early age as she started microphone technique, theory and piano as a child.
Her interests soon broadened towards singing and voice acting as she has completed several jingles and two cds- ‘checkered past’ & ‘poppy’.
Melissa studied at York University and Ryerson, as well as The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.
In 2009 she won an award for her narration from the ‘IAAIS’.
She is excited to be working with such talented, passionate and experienced colleagues at

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